Pick up from the Airport

Important Informations for Pick ups from Vienna Airport

  • We necessarily need to know  the flight number, the destination and the expected arrival time for your pick up from the Airport, because only then we are able to react on any delays and premature arrivals, so that your pick up is protected nevertheless. 
  • If you are picked up for the first time, our driver is waiting in the arrival hall with your nameboard or if wished company's name board. You will find him after passing the customs on the left side ("Anker"- store).
  • If you cannot find the driver, please contact us by telephone, before you leave the arrival hall. 

  • If you need unexpectedly long time (more than 40 minutes after landing) to go into the arrival hall because, for example, your baggage has been lost, contact us by telephone so that we can inform the driver that he will wait for you. 

  • By missing your planned flight inform us on time, so that no unnecessary expenses appear to you.