About us

Our History

In 1995 we started our company in Vienna. By leading our business for 20 year besides our usual taxi trips our priority aim was to offer a reliable Airport Service for business and private customers. Proudly we look back at this time in which we might win many celebrated customers for ourselves. The Wiener Festwochen under director Luc Bondy, the TV broadcasting station Puls 4, the Museum of Art History Vienna, Shell and several Institutes of the University of Vienna which were faithful for years. 

Our Aim

We like to offer our customers a unique shuttle service. Our customers shall be able to enjoy their ordered shuttle in a pleasant atmosphere. From experience we know that it is an advantage, if customer and driver know each other. So, you need not to look for a board with your name because you know which person is waiting for you. Also, we offer our help for organization of several shuttles of your guests. If you expect somebody, but he does not appear, and we are not sure whether the guest was stopped in his tracks from any reason or does not come any more, we call you before the driver will left the airport to make a decision. Moreover, we are available if we should hand over a key for example. Simply say your wishes and we find a solution!